2015 Volkswagen Golf The Woodlands TX 


With a modern take on the hatchback design, the Golf captures attention from all angles.

Engine Options

The Golf offers both gas- and diesel-powered engines that help deliver a balanced performance.


As a 2015 Top Safety Pick, you don't ever have to worry about whether or not you're protected.


With space for as many as five passengers and a great deal of cargo, comfort come standard in the Golf.


The Golf comes standard with a 5-speed manual transmission that lets you take control.

Fuel Economy

When equipped with a TDI Diesel engine, the Golf is able to travel 45 mpg on the highway.

Capabilities of the 2015 Volkswagen Golf

Hatchbacks are not quite as popular in the states as they are in other countries, but that is quickly changing as vehicles such as the Volkswagen Golf, which offers up impressive styling and expectation-shattering performance, continue to erase the negative stereotypes that have become associated with the three- and five-door vehicles. When we say impressive, it’s really an understatement, as the Golf has managed to secure various recognitions this year, including the prestigious North American Car of the Year award.

At Volkswagen of The Woodlands, we continue to receive the latest models of the 2015 Volkswagen Golf in The Woodlands TX, and if you have been looking for an opportunity to test out all that it’s capable of, or simply want to come and see it in person, there is now nothing that stands in your way of doing so. Before you take the next step, however, we encourage you to read a bit more about the impressive hatchback.

One of the biggest benefits of the Golf’s unique design is that it allows it to accommodate more cargo than a sedan would be able to. With all five of the seats at capacity, the hatchback is able to take on nearly 23 cubic feet of cargo behind the second row seat. If the seatback is folded down, however, you have access to a capacity of roughly 53 cubic feet that is extremely easy to load as the seat back creates a flat floor.

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Performance of the 2015 VW Golf

Although the space and styling of the Golf is definitely appealing, it all means nothing without the engine, and not surprisingly, the engine found beneath the hood of the Volkswagen Golf is capable of delivering a broad range of skills. Regardless of the engine that you ultimately decide on—whether it be powered by gas or by diesel—you are able to achieve an impressive combination of both power and fuel economy.

If it’s power that you’re after, you’ll find it with the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine offered in both the two- and four-door models of the Golf. The turbocharged engine has the ability to produce as much as 170 horsepower, and travel as far as 37 mpg on the highway. The diesel-powered 2.0-liter four-cylinder also comes turbocharged, but as it burns a more efficient fuel, it has the ability to take the Golf as far as 45 mpg on the highway, which makes it one of the most fuel efficient Volkswagen vehicles in the lineup.

Now that we have the 2015 Volkswagen Golf in The Woodlands TX, we encourage you to schedule a test drive here at Volkswagen of The Woodlands. That way, you can get a look at its impressively-large cabin and test out its power for yourself. As always, if you have any questions, don't hestitate to contact us.