North Houston Volkswagen Wiper Blades

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Genuine Volkswagen Wipers.

You can see the difference.

Designed for your Volkswagen.

  • Genuine Volkswagen Wiper Blades are designed to fit the curved, contoured surface of your windshield, providing superior wiping quality and long-lasting performance in varying weather conditions.

Advanced wiper technology.

  • Genuine Volkswagen Wiper Blades also have an advanced design that helps improve wear resistance, lessen blade chatter and reduce streaking—a technical way of saying our wipers operate quietly and efficiently.
  • And Genuine VW Wiper Blades are made of a specially blended rubber compound that resists heat, road chemicals and ultraviolet rays.

Maximum safety. Improved visibility.

  • Worn blades smear rather than clean your windshield, which causes streaky or unwiped areas that can impair your vision. And that can become a major safety hazard, especially when driving at night.
  • For maximum safety and improved windshield visibility, insist on Genuine Volkswagen Wiper Blades. For best results, we recommend replacing your wipers every six to eight months.
  • For wiper blades, tires, accessories, and more, stop by your local VW dealership.

Genuine Volkswagen Wiper Blades. Removing and installation instructions:

wiper schematics 1


Bring wiper arm to park position. Switch off all electrical components, switch off ignition, and remove ignition key.

  • Lift Aero-wiper blade/arm assembly from windshield,noting “Caution!” below.
  • Tilt wiper blade on mounting pivot in direction of arrow A until it reaches stop.
  • Detach wiper blade from mounting pivot in direction of arrow B.

wiper schematics 2


  • Insert wiper blade onto wiper arm, mounting pivot arrows.
  • Engage blade by tilting on pivot until blade is parallel with arm.
  • Return arm/blade assembly to windshield, noting “Caution!” below.


To ensure proper wiper performance, only grab/lift Aero-wiper blades at the mounting pivot on wiper arm when removing and installing. Driver and passenger wiper blades are different lengths. Damage will result if wiper blades are interchanged.