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Genuine Volkswagen Batteries.

Start with confidence all year long.

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Our full line of replacement batteries comes with a full range of power ratings, so matching the right battery to you Volkswagen model is easy. Plus, you'll get extra peace of mind thanks to the limited warranty on every Genuine Volkswagen Battery we sell. No need to shop around. Our prices are as competitive as anyone's in town. Quality. Performance. And value. It's a pretty powerful package.

Know the condition of your battery - before it's too late.

There are two general truths about batteries. One, you can't tell exactly when they're going to die. And two, there's no such thing as a convenient time for them to fail. However, you don't have to be caught in a no-start situation. Our Volkswagen Battery Analyzer will determine if your battery is in good shape or if it's hiding a potential problem. Don't get stuck. Ask your Service Consultant to check the condition of your battery today.

Your battery: A hot and cold subject.

Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on you battery. The damage can cause an immediate battery failure or weaken the battery enough to cause a failure later when temperature conditions reverse.


  • Heat causes the acid in a battery to evaporate faster. If the acid level gets too low, internal lead components can become exposed to air and begin to corrode, reducing the battery's power and life.
  • Hot temperatures cause the battery plates to expand, warp, and shed active materials, which can cause an internal short.
  • Extreme heat causes metal to expand, which can loosen your battery connections.


  • Low temperatures reduce you battery's efficiency and its ability to crank the engine. Compared to a battery at 80° F, a battery at 32° F is approximately only 65% as efficient, and just 40% as efficient at 0° F.
  • Cold thickens the engine oil, which makes it tougher for the batter to crank and start the engine. Compared to an engine at 80° F, an engine at 0° F takes approximately two times the power to start it.
  • When temperatures drop, we use electrical accessories more, which puts more strain on the battery.
  • Batteries take longer to recharge in colder temperatures.

Genuine Volkswagen Batteries vs. regular batteries*.

Not all batteries are created equal. Although several may fit in your car, only Genuine Volkswagen Batteries are designed to meet your Volkswagen model's requirements. From design and construction to overall performance and battery life, Genuine Volkswagen Batteries are tested and approved by Volkswagen engineers. Their standards are high so your worries are few.

Did you know every replacement battery we offer is identical to the ones that go into new vehicles at the factory? It's true. Just like all Volkswagen branded replacement batteries are built at Volkswagen approved manufacturing plants. There are simply no concessions or compromises when it comes to being Genuine.

Only Genuine Volkswagen Batteries deliver:

Performance: Genuine Volkswagen Batteries are designed for maximum performance with the alternator, starter, and all electrical components on your Volkswagen.

Capacity: Genuine Volkswagen Battery design emphasizes amp-hour capacity (reserve power) in order to meet the specific array of electronic requirements on your vehicle.

Durability: Genuine Volkswagen Batteries are designed to resist a battery's worst enemies - high heat under the hood and corrosion.

Safety: Genuine Volkswagen Batteries are designed with safety in mind - with features like proper hold-downs and ventilation.

Tested: Genuine Volkswagen Batteries are built to exacting standards and have passed stringent requirements established by Volkswagen engineers.

*Provided by Interstate Batteries System of America.